Counselling and Psychotherapy – how I work

Typically counselling focuses on a particular issue that you are experiencing at the present timeThe Counselling Session

Many clients ask what the difference is between counselling and psychotherapy. Typically counselling focuses on a particular issue that you are experiencing at the present time e.g. death of a family member, difficulties at work, financial issues, or personal relationships and helps you to manage your feelings and to understand better these feelings in a compassionate and caring environment.

Psychotherapy on the other hand involves helping the client to explore their past in more depth and by doing so coming to understand why you may behave in a certain way, why certain things occur or continue to occur, or that you attract certain people into your life. My training and many years experience enables me to work with you at any level you feel comfortable. My particular expertise is in the area of Psychotherapy with a MSc. in Psychotherapy.

What to expect of your first counselling session

Come with a commitment to moving forwardMany people are not sure what to expect when they first enter the counselling room. It takes great courage to make the decision to book a counselling session.

You bring your own agenda to counselling, I do not have an agenda. I am guided by you, and the pace of the session reflects what you are comfortable with. All I ask is that you come with a commitment to moving forward, you may not know what exactly it is you need, but through our working together, building a therepeutic relationship I can help you to explore your options and choices, to experience another way of being in the world and to bring about change.

Forms and Fees

A typical session will last for 50 mins. Please make contact directly with me on my mobile 0872543131 or by email at for an appointment. I will be happy to advise you of my fees at that stage.

At the first session I will take your contact details and some information e.g. the name of your GP and any medication details. I will also give information regarding the confidentiality of your session with regard to data protection.

Length of time in counselling

Many clients ask “how long do I think it will take?”. There is no fixed number of sessions it will take. Each client is different with differing needs. An initial presenting difficulty may lead to deeper work, I have worked with clients for short periods (6-12 weeks) but be assured that you will know yourself as the process progresses how long you need.

Please feel free to drop me a line by email with any other questions you may have regarding my various counselling services. If I am personally unable to help you I will be very happy to point you in the right direction where possible.


Barbara Kinsella member of the IACjP