Couple and Relationship Counselling

Effects of cybersex on couple's relationshipsCouples and Relationship Counselling in Bray provides a meeting place in a non-judgemental setting where each partner in the relationship is accepted and respected.

Most marriages at some stage experience difficulties; addressing problems at an early stage can help the long term health of the relationship. Relationship Counselling  empowers couples to take control and this can greatly affect the future quality of their relationship. By being open and honest about feelings, the couple, in the presence of a counsellor can address  problems before greater ones arise.

I have a particular interest in the effects of cybersex on the couple relationship. Addictions of this kind along with alcohol, or drugs, impact greatly on the couple relationship, and can have huge long-term consequences. Time spent on addictions (cybersex, drugs etc) is less time available for the relationship.

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have and with a view to setting up your first appointment.


Barbara Kinsella member of the IACjP