Psychosexual Therapy

I have a number of Interests but particular interests are :

Psychosexual Therapy or (Sex Therapy)

A sex therapist works with couples and individuals where the sexual difficulty is considered to be the primary problem in their relationship.

Another particular interest of mine is sexual addiction. I have worked with couples and individuals who present with these issues.


The process regarding Psychosexual Therapy

Barbara Kinsella - psychosexual therapy in BrayBecause Sexual Problems are sometimes seen as having a certain stigma, it is often difficult to seek help. Sex is a very important aspect in satisfying the couple relationship and making it work. I believe that because of this fear some couples are reluctant to access help in this area.

As I am a qualified and accredited Relationship and Couple Counsellor, I offer a safe, professional, and confidential space to help couples explore and reflect on their needs and to help them to resolve some of these difficulties in their relationship.

 What happens at the first session?

I will meet the couple together initially and listen to their story. The next session involves meeting each individual separately. I will help them to clarify and gain clarity on what the issues are from their perspective. We will look at their feelings about sex and their sexuality.

When these two meetings are concluded I will make an assessment, and will discuss with the couple at the next session what I feel is the best way forward. This session will focus on how I see the process moving forward, a plan will be put in place with the agreement of the couple.

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have and with a view to setting up your first appointment.


Barbara Kinsella member of the IACjP